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Ruby on Rails Projects

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  • Evanta365 Connect

    2013-present Ruby Rails API Backbone
    Globalized Multi Tenent

    A highly social event application for the web, iOS, and Android

    Using Evanta365 an event attendee can:

    • View the event agenda and add sessions to their schedule
    • Connect with other attendees (similar to FaceBook friending or following on Twitter
    • See speakers, their bios, ask questions
    • Join or create groups of like-minded attendees
    • Participate in discussions, likes posts, add comments, send private messages
    • Enter drawings for luxury prizes provided by event sponsors
    • Take part in the Leaderboard which awards points for various in-app activities (gamification)
    • Complete evaluations and surveys
    • Stay in contact with connections after the event ends. Continue to collaborate and exchange ideas

    Please note: This is an invitation only application so a demo is not available

  • Devnomicon Dashboard

    2014 Ruby Sinatra Dashing


    A dashboard application written in Ruby and using the Dashing gem by Shopify. Dashing is a Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards. It looks especially great on TVs.

    Included are many of the premade widgets as well as some of my own.

    I've also added a toggle to view a version that looks best in 1080p.

    visit www.devnomicon.com

    Please note: This is hosted on a free Heroku account and may take a few moments to wake up.

  • Reading List

    2013-2014 Ruby Rails Active Admin

    Reading List

    A sample reading list application written in Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap.

    This started life as a CodeSchool "Soup-to-Bits" excercise but I've been continueing to build on the idea of an app where you can store books you've read or want to read. I'm adding functionality to allow the app to be used for book clubs administration.

    An admin interface created using the Active-Admin gem is also included.

    Visit Reading List

    Please note: This is hosted on a free Heroku account and may take a few moments to wake up.

  • Evanta365 Connect Administration

    2015 Ruby Rails Backbone

    Say some stuff about admin.

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    Please note: This is a private, in-house, application so demonstrations are not available via this portfolio.

  • Turtles the Whole Way Down

    2014 - present Ruby Rails High Voltage Bootstrap

    You're looking at it!

    This is a rewrite of my old PHP based portfolio site (still available at http://danjohnsonprogramming.com/).

    It is a place where I intend to show of some of my work and tell people a bit about myself. It is a constant work-in-progress and I wish I had more time to work on it.

    I am primarily focused on back-end development so a site like this doesn't actually come naturally to me. Still, I feel that I can put together something halfway decent, frontend-wise, when necessary.

  • Fat Free CRM Implementation

    2014 Ruby Rails Fat Free CRM Gem

    This is an implementation of the open source CRM package Fat Free CRM.

    I evaluated it as an open source alternative to Salesforce.

    I am very impressed with the code under the hood as well as the look and feel and overall usability. In the end we opted for Salesforce but I will definitely keep this gem in mind for future CRM projects.

    Visit Fat Free CRM

    Please note: This is hosted on a free Heroku account and may take a few moments to wake up.

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