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Pulling Fitness Data from Nike Runnings's API

November 1, 2015 Dan Johnson

Tags: Dev Hobby Fitness

I've been using the NikeRunning app for almost five years and it occured to me that it might be interesting to parse all that data. Sure enough, Nike has a nice API that is well documented on their site To avoid recreating the wheel (DRTW - don't recreate the wheel) I used the Nike+ REST Client API Gem created by Alex Skryl. I may fork this project and add a few more parsing helpers that I used and I think others might find useful. read more...

Getting started with Watson Developer Cloud and Bluemix

August 1, 2015 Dan Johnson

Tags: Dev Hobby AI Singularity

Developers are doing some really cool stuff with IBM's Watson and the IBM Watson Developer Cloud (WDC). The getting started guide is pretty heady reading but I'm excited to see what kind of fun I can have I can have with this. More to come...